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Botox for TMJ pain

TMJ ( Temporomandibukar joint)
It’s a term for a joint complex in front of our ears that connects the upper jaw to the lower jaw and allows us to grind and clench teeth.
TMJ disorder is a painful condition that can cause swelling, headaches and teeth shortening. You may also experience locking, clicking and limited movement in the jaw area as well as soreness in the neck muscles.

How does TMJ Botox treatment work?
Botox injected into massater muscles will partially relax and weaken the muscle which will prevent over-contraction. The treatment often alleviates headaches resulting from teeth grinding.
You may start feeling relief within 48 hours, with full results in 2 weeks. Treatment takes 15 minutes and effects will last 3-6 months.
What are other possible treatments?
Mouth guards are effective, hot and cold therapy, soft diet, NSAIDs, and in oral
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