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Painless Dentistry

Injections of local anesthesia can be painful from the pressure of anesthesia. Dental injections can be painless as long as the anesthesia is placed slowly in the correct place in order to provide numbness to the area worked on.
If a tooth has a large infection it can be difficult to become numb due to the acidity of the infection and may require more anesthetic.
At Family Smile Dental we understand that Dentistry can be stressful. Our staff understands and will greet you in a warm and friendly manner. We adjust our methods to help you feel at ease. If you like more detailed information to help you understand the procedures, we can explain everything in full. If details make you nervous, we will give you just the basic outline - what you need to know to make the decision.
We can perform procedure quickly , or slowly and take breaks.
We have Television monitors in every room and can offer a movie or relaxing music.
We can offer Nitrous Sedation often referred to as laughing gas. This sedation provides you with a relaxing environment, yet still aware of what’s going on.
At Family Smile Dental we are dedicated to
Making every patient feel comfortably while getting the dental treatment they need.
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